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Histoire Les Vergers de Beau Soleil

Histoire Les Vergers de Beau Soleil

Histoire Les Vergers de Beau Soleil
The 1st May tradition goes back to the mists of time:
  • In antiquity, it was the time of taking to the sea for sailors.
  • For Celt people, it was the beginning of the first half the calendar year. In the Middle Ages, May was the month of betrothals.
  • Since 1889, Labour Day.

In all cases, it is time of celebrations.

Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis L., family Ruscaceae) is a kind of spontaneous undergrowth throughout Europe. It appears in gardens in the 16th century. From Renaissance, the lily of the valley is a lucky charm flower associated with the celebrations of May1.

But it is in the early 20th century, that his vocation Flower of May Day is affirmed by two main facts.

  • May Day 1895, the singer Mayol is hosted by her friend Jenny Cook with lily of the valley and that evening he wears a lily of the valley buttonhole instead of the traditional camellia.
  • In the 1900s, the first day of May, couturiers offered sprigs of lily of the valley to customers and workforce.

In 1976, lily of the valley is completely associated with May Day and every year, tens of millions of sprigs are sold that day, wild and cultivated lily of the valley.

Harvesting of wild lily of the valley depends on the climate of the year and changes vastly from year to year.